Getting to Siargao

Finding Footprints Homestay

We are located in the heart of General Luna.  From the main intersection in front of the church, head towards Cloud 9.

We are just 500 meters down the road on your left.  When you see the sign for Big 9, we are right in front of it.

Follow the blue signs on your left to our big blue gate.

Getting to the Island

By Plane

There are currently eleven flights a day to Siargao, and this number is increasing all the time.

There are direct flights from Angeles City/Clark (CRK), Manila (MNL),  Cebu (CEB), and Davao.

Currently three airlines service the island – SkyJet, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines.

Because the island is so remote, you will often have trouble finding all available flights on travel aggregators.

Pricing fluctuate greatly and it’s worth tracking the different airlines prices when planning your trip.

The airport code for Siargo is IAO.  You can fly to the neighboring island of Surigao to their airport SUG, however that island is a 3-4 hour boatride away.

Withe the explosion of flights to Siargao, flying directly here is often cheaper and faster.



By Boat

When traveling to Siargao from the main island of the Philippines, we often choose to travel by boat for a few reasons.

Traveling by boat is significantly cheaper, you can travel with larger luggage and the boats are less stressful than flying in the Philippines.

Sayak airport is far too small for the current number of daily flights and you’ll often find yourself crammed in the corner with nowhere to sit while the air conditioner struggles to keep up with the tropical heat.

Traveling by airport requires an hour-long van ride, followed by 1-2 hours waiting for your plan and then a 1-2 hour flight to your destination. Traveling to Cebu often takes 6-8 hours door-to-door with their heavy daytime traffic.

For this reason, boats are a solid option in the Philippines.

Our favoite ship is the Lady of Love run by Medallion. The boat departs Cebu around 7PM and arrives in Surigao around 5AM the following morning. There are a range of sleeping options ranging from massive shared dorms up to private cabins with televisions and air conditioning. Depending on the size of your group, different rooms will be the right choice.

When traveling with our family, it’s actually cheaper to book a private room, rathern than multiple beds in the larger dorm.

There is only one Medallion boat that travels the Cebu to Surigao route, so there are 3 trips in each direction every week.

Alternatively, there is the more reliable Cokaliong, which has two ships on the route, ensuring that you can get to the island every day. Their ship is older and not quite as luxurious as the newer Medallion ship.

Both boats arrive early enough in the morning that you can catch a boat straight to Dapa on our island.

The best boats to Dapa are the Fortune Angel 2 and the Johan. There are other boats available, but those are the two we ride the most often. Other ships in the Philippines have been known to put more people on the boat than they have life jackets, so we avoid them.

There are always new boats popping up, so if you see a newer ship not listed here, we just haven’t ridden it yet.

If you are going to travel by ship, buy your tickets in advance. During the high season the boats do sell out. Additionally, you can board the ships a few hours early and we have found that it’s worth the effort. The port in Cebu gets overcrowded and becomes a nightmare the last hour before a ship departs.

There are also ships from Manila to Cebu, if you wish to travel entirely by boat. These ships take a full twenty-four hours.

Getting to Footprints

Whether you come to the island by boat or plane, the final options remain the same. Coming back from the airport, you will pass through the main city on the island, Dapa.

All boats dock in Dapa, so the route from there to our hostel in General Luna is the same.

There are two primary means of travel on the island.

By Van

There are dozens of vans waiting for you at the airport all holding up signs and hoping to get you to ride with them. These vans all go to the same place and should charge you the same price.

The current standard rate on the island is 300PHP per person, including all your luggage.

Each van waits until it is full before departing, so if you are the first person in a van, you may have to wait until it’s full or everyone from your flight has boarded other vans.

The ride from the airport to General Luna takes about an hour, depending how fast your driver goes. Unfortunately, the road to General Luna is considered a national highway with a speed limit of 100 kph.

Some van drivers like to cross into the other lane on turns. This has led to quite a few horrific accidents with a load of tourist fatalities. If your van driver is risking your life to shave a few minutes off the trip, please shout at them to stop it.

When doing this, they save you at MOST five minutes.

As long as your driver stays in your lane and only passes on straightaways, you should be much safer.

Your van driver will know exactly where Footprints is and bring you right to our front door. If it’s a new driver, just follow the map at the top of this page.

By Tricycle

Motorcycles with sidecars are ubiquitous on the island and a popular means of travel.

To catch a tricycle, you must leave the airport proper. They are not allowed into the parking lot. If you walk out to the road, you can join a tricycle, which is what many locals prefer.

These bikes are often overloaded on the way from the aiport and much slower than a van, however they are cheaper.

When arriving by boat, dozens of tricycle driver will shout for your attention. Usually, when coming by boat you get on to yourself, so the cost is a little higher.

If you walk through the crowd of drivers about 150meters and turn left, there is the tricycle terminal. There you can find cheaper rides all over the island that share passengers. Be warned that you can wait a LONG time for a trike to fill up here, so we usually bite the bullet and just take a trike for ourselves.

From Dapa a tricycle will take around 45 minutes to get you to Footprints.